Sports Physicals

Children involved in school athletic programs often are required to receive a sports-specific exam. The purpose of these exams is to screen for potential athletic health problems. A sports physical is different from the standard well-child exam. A sports physical is more specific to athletic issues; whereas, a well-child exam is more comprehensive in evaluating all areas of a child's physical and mental health. Occasionally, a sports physical can be incorporated into a good child exam, depending on insurance coverage. If it is not covered by an insurance company, a sports physical can be done for a minimal charge.

A sports physical should be done about 6 weeks before the season is scheduled to start to ensure there is enough time to follow up on anything abnormal found in the exam, if necessary. Please remember to bring your child's Preparticipation Physical Exam form to the appointment. The form can be obtained at your child's school. To expedite your appointment, please answer all questions on the form prior to arriving at the office.